Equity Share Home Loan Program

Are you struggling to hit your desired down payment? Is down payment keeping you out of the right home for your family? Are you worried about mortgage insurance? Is a small amount meaning the difference between your dream home and not-quite-what-you-want home?

A Different Approach

Imagine someone offering to double your down payment. Imagine being able to purchase a home with 20% down instead of 10% down. How would not having to pay mortgage insurance improve your buying power?


down payment

Unison is a program that may be able help you with your down payment.** PrimeLending is sharing Unison’s program with our borrowers in an effort to help boost your purchase power! They will contribute up to half of your down payment, most often they turn your 10% down into 20% down. This can enable you to avoid mortgage insurance. It can also greatly expand your purchasing power. Not only offering a financial boost, but a boost toward your preferred school district, less time spent commuting, not to mention, getting a home with features that matter most to you and your family. A boost toward a better quality of life.

Does this sound too good to be true? It may, but Unison invests in your home right along with you. This is not an additional payment like a second mortgage. When your home value increases, you both profit. If value decreases, Unison will typically take a portion of the loss. It is a true partnership.

Do you have questions about how this program can help you and your family get into your dream home? Reach out today!


**Certain restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Please contact your PrimeLending loan officer for more details.

PrimeLending and the above-mentioned company are not affiliated

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