Low Inventory

Facing a Low Inventory Market

Are you struggling in this low inventory environment? Is it increasingly difficult to find the right property for your buyers? We hear about it all the time from our agents and we are getting loads of questions about it from our clients as well.

It seems like there are just not enough homes on the market. Or maybe the properties that are available do not fit your clients individual needs.

Has this happened to you?

You are showing your clients a home in their desired neighborhood. Their work is nearby. The school district is perfect for their young family and the community amenities are exactly what they were looking for. Walking them through the property, they like the layout and the space but tell you that it needs an additional bathroom for their family and it is non-negotiable. Does this mean you have to go back to the drawing board? Does this family have to put their lives on hold waiting for another property to come on the market? Not at all. 

Low Inventory

We have a solution for this low inventory market! With our Renovation loan, we can finance additional square footage at the time of purchase! Once the transaction is closed, then the renovations can begin!

We understand it can be hard for home shoppers to visualize what could be. There is a reason that staged homes sell so much faster than non-staged homes. However, not every home seller has the time, money or opportunity to make their home “move-in ready” before putting it on the market. So keep us in mind, and together we can help your clients envision the possibilities!

Whether it is an additional bedroom or bathroom your client is looking for, or if it an older property that simply needs upgrades, we can help.


Click here for a short video we made about this!

Contact us today. Let’s get creative for your clients!

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