A Fresh Look at VA Loans

It might be time to take a fresh look at VA loans!

VA loans and Government loans in general might give you pause when an offer with one crosses your desk. But why? Did a bad experience or even a story overheard years ago leave you with a negative impression about the VA home loan process? We all know there are many benefits to the VA loan program. We would love the opportunity to dispel any myths about the VA loan process for you.

Having a transaction fall out is every agents worst nightmare and trust me, it’s no fun for lenders either. Did you know that VA loans have the highest pull through ratios of any loan type? There are several factors that we think make this possible.

Conscientious Clients

Our veteran clients have shown to be very conscientious about submitting documentation in a timely manner. They are prompt in their replies when we reach out and helps speed the process along. And they are quick to get us any requested documentation.

Flexible Guidelines

VA loan guidelines are extremely flexible. Did you know that there are no stated credit score requirements for VA loans? Those are actually set by the lender. Also the Veterans Administration does not have stated debt to income ratios. This makes for much simpler processing than for other types of loans.

Click here to watch a short video about VA loan flexibility.

Backed by Uncle Sam

Additionally, the VA loan makes tremendous financial sense. Traditionally, interest rates are lower than conventional interest rates. Borrowers can get up to 100% and there is no PMI required. When comparing this option to other loan programs, it is commonly the most cost effective. And on top of it all, the loan is insured by the US government.

With awesome clients who have earned a deserving benefit, the VA’s flexible guidelines, the full faith and backing of the US government and the right lender on your side, the VA loan process can be smooth sailing from start to finish. Contact us today with any questions you may have. We are honored to serve those who have served our country.

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